Classic Bridal Jewellery Trends that are Simply Timeless

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Bridal jewellery encapsulates everything that a wedding means to a bride; the desire to look like a queen, the desire to dress to impress, and to wear a bridal outfit with jewellery that makes her look every bit regal and elegant. A bride would always want to wear jewellery that is a perfect blend of modern style and something which is classic and stays in vogue forever, for you would want to wear your jewellery even after the wedding. Traditional jewellery never goes out of fashion and women love to raid the jewellery boxes of their mothers and grandmothers to get their hands on classic pieces that spell oomph and style. Let’s tell you about some of the jewellery designs and styles that you must pick for your wedding.

#Jadau Jewellery

Jewellery style that is currently trending in bridal sets is jadau jewellery. It is the epitome of elegance when it comes to traditional and classic jewellery styles. Jadau jewellery is set on a gold sheet base and it is set with precious and semi-precious stones. The base mould made with gold sheets is set with these stones and then the application of heat to these moulds, sets the stones in them perfectly. This is what is called the jadau technique of making jewellery. The stones used could be any; from kundan to polki to ruby and emeralds. If you wish to have jadau jewellery for your wedding, you can pick the kind of stones you want. Most gemstones are set in moulds using this technique and it displays extreme finesse and intricate craftsmanship. In this technique, you can pick a bridal set that has polki, kundan or a combination of these with other precious stones

#Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery is fast climbing the popularity charts when it comes to brides shopping for their trousseau. This jewellery has figurines of gods and goddesses etched and embossed in gold. With designers trying to create a fusion look, you may also find temple jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones embedded in gold. Temple jewellery was once only preferred by brides in south India but it is now being liked by brides all across the globe. Along with religious figurines, you will also find motifs like swans, lotus flowers and other religious symbols crafted in gold.

#Meenakari Jewellery

Meenakari involves filling enamel inside gold setting to create gorgeous jewellery pieces in combination with polki and kundan. Meenakari work lends bridal sets a beautiful color and brings out the beauty of the stones even more. Meenakari technique is used in combination with the jadau method of making jewellery.


Most people confuse polki jewellery with kundan jewellery when both are quite different from each other in the kind of stone used. Both of these styles look equally royal and opulent; it is simply a matter of personal choice. Polki is uncut diamonds in their raw and unfinished form and they are set in gold to form exquisite jewellery pieces. The sheen to polki comes from the fact that the stones are in their natural form. These stones are set on moulds made with a gold foil base. It looks great when it is embellished with green or red meenakari work around the diamonds. You can also pick a bridal set that has rubies and emeralds set along with polki stones. Polki jewellery is reminiscent of the Mughal style of jewellery and is a head-turner. Bib necklaces and long necklaces look amazing when crafted in polki with matching dangler earrings. Polki jewellery goes with most traditional outfits like lehengas and sarees. You can even pair it with a simple gown in a solid color for your cocktail party and slay the fusion look.


The similarity between polki and kundan jewellery lies in the fact that both look extremely regal and gorgeous and involve the jadau technique. But where polki is uncut diamonds set in gold sheet moulds, kundan is glass that is set in these moulds along with other gemstones and precious stones. This is the reason why polki jewellery is more expensive than kundan jewellery. Since glass is used in kundan jewellery, the enamel is used on the inside of the gold sheet moulds which reflects from under the kundan, giving the jewellery piece a multicolored hue.

If you are going in for kundan or polki jewellery it would be a good idea to get your entire bridal set crafted in the same design and you can always use some or all of the pieces later. An entire bridal set would include pieces like necklace, earring, matha patti, maang tikka, kadas, cocktail rings, and haathphool to start with the basics. A kundan or polki kamarband looks amazing too with the bridal attire and so do anklets in the same design.

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